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source: NAHRS

You've been homeschooling for years now and you've finally reached high school.  Don't fear, you can continue, you can succeed. Many have and you can too.

But what about transcripts?  You ask!  Do you really think you can't do it?  Come on, you've done so much you thought you couldn't do over the course of your child's you really think you have to stop now?  

I have successfully graduated 4 students.  My first 2 I didn't even think of making a transcript, until they both decided to further their education.  I scrambled to come up with something that looked somewhat 'official'.  I guess what I did was fine because there was not a question raised.

The next 2 were boys and I thought, "well, the boys need 'official' transcripts.  So I signed up with NAHRS.  If you really think you need help and money is not a problem, then I would recommend NAHRS.  They were very helpful to me and both my sons have 'official' transripts.

Now I'm on my last student.  I learned a lot while working with NAHRS and feel I don't have to fork over $$$$ for help with this final transcript.  So I've searched the web and have come up with a couple great resources.  

Thus this post.....why should you have to spend time looking if I've already done it for you?

I won't repeat what you will find on these websites....just click the links and you will know everything you ever wanted to about transcripts, feel confident that you can do this yourself and have all the tools necessary to be successful.

First the form.  There are a lot of sample forms out there, but HSLDA has the best, in my opinion.  This  form is downloadable and editable if you have Word on your computer.  Easy, peasy!  The link does not take you to a website, but it starts an immediate download.  Don't worry, I guarantee you will like the form....

Ok don't believe me?  Here's a pic of it:

Plus, it's from HSLDA, they don't do junk!

Then I found this blog that basically sums up everything else you need to  know about transcripts...(she does have a sample PDF transcript, but it's not editable and not as good as the one I found at HSLDA) go ahead and read this page and you will be ready to roll.

You can look around the web and find a ton of info about how to make a transcript.  I find it to get confusing after a while looking at it all, that's why I've condensed it here for you!  

Ok, I realized one thing that the 2 links I share do not cover and that's how many credits are necessary for graduation.  That varies from state to state, so you will have to find out what your state requires.  The easy and fastest way is to call  the Department of Education.

In my state 20 credits are required:

  • 4 English (includes grammar, composition, literature, etc.)
  • 3 History/Social Studies - 1 year must be US History/Government (includes:  geography, world studies, economics)
  • 3 Math
  • 3 Science (this can include health)
  • 1.5 PE
  • 1 Art
  • which leaves 5 electives

It's not hard, just takes time and I suggest you start as soon as your child is doing high school level work.  Don't wait until you HAVE to have a transcript....believe me, it's  much harder in a large chunk then in smaller pieces.


  1. Awesome! We are in the second half of 8th grade with my oldest, and I've already started to think about stuff like this, so I'm bookmarking this for now and in the future!

  2. I still have a ways to go, but this is great information and great encouragement from one who's "been there done that". Also, as far as the number of credits needed to graduate, you might check HSLDA, too. I know the HSLDA summary of our state's laws include the number of credits needed.

  3. Many thanks! This helped me to format our daughter's 2016 transcript-three years after your original post.


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