iChoose2 Week Two

Week #2
January 13 - 19

iChoose2 Live Intentionally

"Living intentionally means having a vision and setting a course for your life".

I have a tough time with this one.  To live intentionally takes discipline, which I lack!  

This week's challenge is to list 5 things that I value most:
  1. Spiritual health
  2. Physical health
  3. family 
  4. friends
  5. to enjoy everyday to the fullest
Now are these 5 things in my life right now?  And if not, how can make them become a part of my everyday life?

  1. Spiritual health:  Read through the Bible in a year using a chronological reading program.  Spend time praying, meditating and sharing what I've learned.  Take time to fellowship with people who follow Jesus.  Share Jesus with those around me.
  2. Physical health:  Exercise everyday using pilates and the wii fit program.  Eat a daily salad and green smoothie.  Limit dairy and sweets.  Go to bed by 10 PM every night. Go outside to get fresh air daily.
  3. Family:  spend daily time talking one on one with a family member.  Listen, laugh and share.  Say I love you more often. Pray for them 
  4. Friends:  reach out to friends far away.  Take time to find out what their needs are. Provide a need.  Talk, share, laugh, cry....be a friend to someone who needs a friend.
  5. Take time to do things that make me smile.  (need to make a list of those)
My list is vague in a few places.  I'll have to think on how to implement some of this a bit better.

That's my list....What's yours?

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