My Week At A Glance 2013 Week ONE

January 1 - 5, 2013

We had our traditional New Year's Eve party.

This is what a mud room looks like when there are over 40 people in your home:


Here are the yummy snacks:

Homemade cookie bowls filled with homemade ice cream

Lots of fun and games going on throughout the house

My mom was with us but she quarantined herself in her room because she was sick :(  
It was a very enjoyable late night....hit the bed around 1:30 AM.....

The rest of the week was cleaning up, recouping and watching the snow continue to fall.  I don't like to drive in the winter, so even though I need to do some grocery shopping, we are living on what is left over from the long weekend.  Slim pickin's but we're not starving yet :)

I am starting a on-year journey you can read all about here.  Come to read what new challenge I am embarking on each week.

What fun things did you do for New Years?


  1. Our New Year's Eve consisted of staying home playing Star Wars Monopoly!


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