Week at a Glance

January 13 - 19

My winter activities are very limited.  I do not like the cold or snow.  Travelling is usually full of white knuckles and anxiety, so I stay home!  There are some benefits to this....well, at least one I can think of, I save $$$ on gas :)

Because of the lack of going out much during the winter, my life is not all that exciting.  So I have to really think about what I am going to write in my weekly post.

One morning I was making my bed.  While I was smoothing out the blanket I realized this particular blanket was a wedding gift.  So we've been using it for 30 years!  Lest you think we only use it 1/2 of the year, this stays on the bed year round.  Living in the Northeast we sometimes need a little extra warmth even during some summer nights.  

I found the fact that this blanket has lasted 30 years Facebook status appropriate...so this is the status I wrote that morning:

Slept with a 30 year old last night....certainly got my $$$ worth

As you can see I forgot an important word....'blanket'.....  Let's just say that I shocked a few people with this status ;)

Yup, that was the highlight of this week :/