news-o-matic review and giveaway

The world around me is changing so fast some days I feel as old as a grandmother, 

oh wait 

I AM a grandmother!  

Ok, let's change that to as old as....

an Edsel?

black & white tv?

I have to admit that I am a paper and pen, paperback book and black & white newspaper kind of gal.  I'm rare, unique, a dying art...etc, etc.  

Technology has taken over the world and I can't keep up.  My kids laugh at the 'stupid' questions I ask them about apps, iTunes, how to download this and upload that.  Usually I have to ask more than once and have them show me over and over to finally get it....then I don't do it again for months so I need their expertise yet again.

The fact is--- the future is technology.  I see a future where my grandchildren will have iPads instead of books.  No more backpacks.  Hey, maybe no more brick & mortar schools either...who knows????  

Part of that future is already happening with apps like the one from Press4kids called News-O-Matic.  

News-O-Matic is a daily newspaper for kids ages 7 - 10.  Everyday there are 5 articles about global events covering various topics that will interest your children.  

Front page 

But this is much, much more than just news articles.  There are interactive games that reinforce the articles read, a map that takes you to the location of the news, a "guess when this happened" date in history page, a news room where you can read and write letters to the editor or even draw him a picture, vocabulary words, videos, fun facts, ways you can contribute to your community, etc.  There is SO much here.  But you don't have to take my word for it, I recommend you go see for yourself.   

It's easy .....even this techo-challenged  mom did it all by herself!  
Just go here to download the FREE app.  Follow the prompts to have 3 free issues to view. It only takes a couple of minutes.  I had fun clicking around to see all the features it offers, I think you...well I mean, your kids, will love it too!

Press4kids is offering a 'News-O-Matic goodie bag' to one of my readers.  
What will you receive in this bag?

 $10 iTunes gift card
water bottle 
 iPad screen cleaner

Giveaway begins TODAY and ends at midnight May 29th--my 31st wedding anniversary 
 (MAN, I am definitely OLD)

**I received a News-O-Matic goodie bag from Child's Play Communications in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I love News-O-Matic! Especially because they have a FREE teacher guide to go with each edition. My daughter is learning so much!

    Email for the PDF!


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