And the family grows!

EJ & Abbie's Wedding

The beautiful woman in white is my new daughter, Abbie!  She officially joined our family on July 13, 2013...but she's been in our hearts for almost 4 years!  

Gotta say it's sure is different being the 'mother of the groom'.  I am right now staring at the keys of my laptop wondering what to type.  It's hard to explain the conflicting emotions I experienced the day of and prior to my son's wedding day.  And now a month later it seems as if it never happened.  My life did not change as his soared to a whole new level.

So that's 3 married and 2 to go.....hoping that the last 2 wait a while while I catch my breath......

Believe it or not this is the ONLY pic I got of my five kids during that weekend.  
AND even worse...
I didn't even get one of all eight of them.


  1. Well, all eight (plus one!) are in the wedding picture at least!


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