What 1 Peter 4:7 looks like at MY house

Below is the most recent gift from my husband....now before you say, "what is THAT?"  OR "are you kidding me what a loser husband"  listen to the story behind it.

Every year about this time we start dreading preparing for the long-cold-dreary winters here in the Northeast.  Part of that preparation involves the lovely task of cutting, splitting and stacking firewood.  A task I most definitely do NOT enjoy one little bit.

My hubby and I are total opposites.  He says he was born in the wrong century, but wait I say the same thing, only difference is he thinks he would have done better in the little house on the prairie days or the like it is in the westerns.  ME?  Well, I belong in the future with all the cool technology that supposedly makes life easier.  

Anyway, I digress.  I know you are anxiously awaiting the story behind this strange looking contraption that my husband BUILT just for ME!

As we were discussing the how's of getting the firewood ready for winter I asked that he think of something so that it doesn't have to be handled a million and one times (ok, ok, that is a slight exaggeration, maybe just a million times). We talked and talked about how to accomplish this tedious task in the smartest way----you'd think we would have that down by now as we lived here for 30 years----sad to say I've only had an actual woodshed for 3 of those 30.  But I digress yet again......

For the next 2 days he is occupied in the garage as I listen to banging, welding, slamming and all sorts of strange sounds when out he comes with a oh so proud smile saying...."look what I built".  Being the wonderful wife that I am I grimace and say "what is it? and how much did it cost?"  Ignoring the 2nd question, which he often does,he explains it is a conveyor that will bring the wood to the person at the end to stack therefore, only handling it once...."per person", I add.

SO I give myself a pep talk and say things like

  • it's the thought that counts
  • make the best of the situation
  • how many husbands would or even could make such a unique gift?
  • after all I'm allergic to flowers so he's trying to be thoughtful in his own way
Well, that's about as positive as I could be.  We worked together for a couple of hours and this new gift worked out great!

Then the next day I got this much better gift...

Paying our son and his friend to do it for us.....YES!!! 

This is the ultimate fulfillment of 1 Peter 3:7:

.....you husbands must live with your wives in an understanding manner, as with a most delicate partner......


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I love it! I have often said, Your hubby is a genious!

  2. Be ever so thankful! He came up with a better way for you...quit complaining!!!
    Of course, I am just glad he waited until I left before he thought it up and got the wood over there to stack!!! Yay! Mom doesn't have to help this year!
    Be you ever so warm all winter...


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