Why I emptied 2 bottles of vodka before 11 AM.......

One of the first things I learned when I began blogging was to choose a title that will 'catch' your readers' attention.

  I bet this title is why you are reading this right now!  

Am I right?  

Some of you may be wondering why I even HAVE 2 bottles of vodka in my house at all knowing that noone in this house partakes of any form of alcohol.  

Others may know that I do and have used vodka for 'medicinal' purposes...even have been known to give a bit to a congested 2 year old (which worked GREAT by the way).  

So why would 2 bottles of vodka be empty on my table in the morning in the middle of the week?  

Could it be that I've just had enough of all the political foolishness going on?  

OR I figured a good binge would help me get through the day?  

OR I just don't care anymore?


The reason is..........

I made my own vanilla extract!

Want to empty 2 bottles of vodka at your house and have people wondering what's up?  
Well, here's how.

For one gallon extract as pictured above you will need:

1 gallon jar  -  I used a pickle jar
2 - 1.75 liter bottles of vodka - I bought the cheapest I could find but still 80 proof
3/4 pound vanilla beans (about 80) - I purchased mine from Olive Nation

The first step is to cut your vanilla bean down the middle so it looks like this:

For a gallon I needed 80 of these.  So I wouldn't have to count them over and over and over I  made 8 stacks of 10 each.

After they were all cut I placed them into the jar

Time to empty the vodka bottles!

Seal, shake and store in a cool, dark place for 3 - 6 months

I've read that it's a good idea to take it out and shake it at least once a month.  It can be used in 3 months but it is better to let it sit for 6 for better vanilla flavor.

When it's done I'll divide it up into smaller bottles and either give away or sell.  I'll decide that after I see/taste the finished product.

So there you have my story of why I emptied 2 bottles of vodka in the morning in the middle of my week. 

 Not at all what you expected is it?


  1. LOVE IT!! And I can't wait for 6 months to see how it turns out!


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