2014 For One Another Challenge: Swap a book

I am a book lover...always have been.  I used to dream of having a room filled with bookcases overflowing with books.  

With the boom of technology, books are becoming less and less of a desired item.  Sure, people are still reading, but on their phone, tablet, laptop..whatever.  The book that you hold in your hand and turn the page is becoming much less popular.  

ME?  I still prefer to hold a book in my hand, turn the pages as I slip into the author's story.  I have an iPad with alot of books on it, yet I still turn to my bookcase for a good book to read. 

I never did get my room with overflowing bookcases but I do have an overflowing bookcase with books I've read.  To make room for new ones I use paperbackswap.com.  

The way this works is people post books that they've read and would like to 'swap' for a different book.  Every book that you send to someone gives you one credit for a book of your choice. Basically, the cost of a different book is the cost of postage which I have found to be under $3.00.

Here's what the current front page of the website looks like:

There are literally THOUSANDS of books to choose from.

My challenge today is for you to head on over to paperbackswap.com to set up an account and start swapping.  You never know you may find that book you've been wanting but didn't want to spend the $$$ to get it.


  1. Great Idea!!!! I Love Books too!!!! :-)


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