For One Another 2014 Challenge: Tips

I am known by my family as a penny pinching tipper at a restaurant.  I will tip the average 20% IF the service I received was excellent.  The percentage drops as I consider what type of service was given.

There have been times that I have left what would be considered an 'insulting' tip....I do that to leave a  message....the service was NOT acceptable. 

I will reward behavior as I judge it. I am the consumer and I feel that is what tipping is all about.

Well, I guess of I'm the 'older generation' cuz my kids get mad at me when I don't tip well.  So I tell them...
"Go ahead and leave whatever you want, 
this is what the service was worth to me."

How about next time you and I go out to eat, leave a super generous tip no matter what the service. (ugh, this will be so HARD for me!)   If you'd like, also leave a note telling them that you wanted to bless them today.

I know this challenge is not original.  I've read several instances of people doing this all over the internet in the last, it's been done, but it is a great idea.  I'm sure all the food service people wish it was done every time :)


  1. Oh yeah...that's your mother talking! I don't believe in rewarding poor service or work. Give the best to the ones who put in the effort and do it with a smile. Not all servers are alike, so why reward them all alike? That's like giving the same grade to everyone in the class no matter how well or horrible they did. That's the trouble already in our world...keep giving to the lazy and they will stay lazy!


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