The 'Son of God' Scroll from Biblical Reproductions

I was a bit excited when this package finally arrived at my house, because I didn't know what Biblical Reproductions was going to send to me.

Here's what was inside:

'Son of God' Scroll rolled out encased in plexiglass  


Certificate of Authenticity on one side with a history of the discovery of the scroll and the translation on the other side

The translation:

1.  "He will be called the Son of God and they will call him the son of the Most High. Like the sparks
2.  that you saw, so will their kingdom be; they will rule several year(s) over
3.  the earth and crush everything:  a people will crush another people, and a province another provi(n)ce
4.  Until the people of God arises and makes everyone rest from the sword.
5.  His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all His paths in truth.  He will jud(ge)
6.  the earth in truth and all will make peace.  The sword will cease from the earth,
7.  and all the provinces will pay homage.  The great God is his strength,
8.  He will wage war fro him, he will place the peoples in his hand and
9.  Cast them all away before him.  His rule will be an eternal rule and all the abysses"

It is very interesting to learn that this scroll was discovered in Qumran in the 1st century BCE, just before the destruction of Jerusalem.  The men who wrote it referred to themselves as 'sons of light'.  

Immediately I wanted to hang this in a prominent place in my house because I thought it would make a great conversation starter.  

Here it hangs in my dining room on a wall that is seen as you enter the house.

I had no sooner hung it up when my sister-in-law came for a visit.  She noticed it right away and asked, "What's that?".  I shared with her what it was and read her the interpretation.  She was intrigued.

The next day my son and his wife came to visit and he saw it right away. I would say practically everyone who has come over has asked about it.  This unique piece has become a center point of my home, just as the "Son of God" should be!

There is one idea I'd like to share with Biblical Reproductions.  It is interesting to look at, but it would be better, in my opinion, if the translation was right there framed with the scroll.  It would have more meaning this way.  

Unless, of course, you can read Aramaic!

Biblical Reproductions would like to give each one of my readers a gift.
Here's how it will work....
With every eligible item  (eligible items are any item except a pottery piece) you purchase you will receive your choice of one of  3 pottery pieces valued at $22.95.  All you need to do is use this coupon code:


Then in the notes section state which pottery piece or pieces you'd like.  You can choose ONE pottery piece for every ONE item purchased.  So if you purchase 3 items you can get all three pottery pieces ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!  Nice deal :)

Here are the 3 pottery pieces to choose from:
Herodian Oil Lamp without handle
Herodian Oil Lamp with handle
Mini Dead Sea Scroll Jar

Perfect opportunity to begin a museum of Biblical artifacts of your own !

**As part of the CWA Review Crew  I received a complimentary product from Biblical Reproductions in exchange for my honest review.


  1. What an awesome piece you have! What a GREAT review as well!

  2. Thanks, Ginger. I am pleased with what they sent me :)

  3. How exciting! I loved The Bible DVD when it was out. Marg (Joy Shop)


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