What's Your Worldview?

Have you ever been asked this question...."What's your worldview?"  and you weren't sure how to answer? Or you didn't even know what they were talking about, worldview?, what's that? you wondered.

Well, I have a book for you....

James N. Anderson is a professor of theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC and an ordained minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

This book approaches this question in an interactive format. The beginning chapters ask a yes or no question, your answer directs you to another chapter with another yes or no question until you finally reach your destination....your worldview.

I was not in the least surprised at where I ended up.  I've studied this for years and know what I believe and why I believe it BUT if you are wondering, this book is for you.

I handed this book to my 16 year old daughter to read.  She sat right down and got to it.  Within 1/2 hour she was brought to her worldview destination....no surprise there either.  

As we talked about the book I got more excited to use the questions in this book to open up conversation with people in my life.  

Click here to read an excerpt.

You can purchase at Crossway.org for as low as only $6.74....well worth the investment.   
This book is a MUST HAVE in your library.

Don't forget to check out Crossway's blog to learn about more great products.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


  1. This one looks good! I'd never thought of a "choose your own adventure" theology book!

  2. I'm with Becky. I immediately thought of the "choose your own adventure" book! What a cool concept to use to share important information!


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