November 18 - 24

Did you know that attitude is everything?  I am the ONLY one who can decide what kind of day I am going to have by my attitude.  Usually Sunday's I'm not in the best mood for various reasons I won't go into right now.....but since my big birthday and my newest mantra I had a very nice Sunday this week.

My Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I went to CT to share the day with the newlyweds.  Their first Thanksgiving as hosts went great.  The turkey was delish as was all the fixin's.
We enjoyed some games and laughs together. It was a day to remember, but without pictures because I was too lazy to get my camera out.  I know, I already regret it!

The 6 hour drive was not totally awful.  The traffic did not get bad until we hit CT.  UGH!!  I don't like the city and I don't like traffic.  But it was well worth the hassle to spend a few days with my daughter and newest son-in-law.  

While there we took a walk down to the ocean.  Although a bit chilly, it was nice to enjoy looking out over the ocean.  On the horizon we could see NY.  Pretty cool!

The drive home was uneventful, thankfully.  About 17 miles from home we hit snow, on the roads and ground.  YUCK!  

Oh yea, I almost forgot.  This week we also purchased a van.  We had been looking for doors for the van I have as it won't pass inspection due to all the rust.  The van we found is exactly the van I currently own, but in much better shape.  So the 'new' one is the one I will be using.  I'm glad to be driving a van again.  Twice I've switched to other vehicles, but I really do like a van.  I feel safer, it is roomier and just more comfortable.  So I am once again a van drivin' mama!


  1. What about the "yuck" THAT a sign of a GOOD attitude?!!!!! LOL

  2. by the way...glad you are back doing the weekly thing...kinda keeps me "near" ya!


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