Meet Me on Monday with a change

The original Meet Me On Monday sponsor has decided to take a LOA.  Thankfully Heather @ Acting Balanced has decided to continue.  Thanks, Heather!

Here are this week's questions:

1. What is your favorite pair of shoes?

I love my slippers.  I bought them at Cabelas who has a lifetime guarantee.  I have already had to replace them once, and may have to again as I noticed they are coming apart.  Not that the quality is poor, BUT I wear them ALL OF THE TIME!

2. Cake or Pie and what flavor?

Peanut Butter Pie all the way....yum!3. What was the last book you read?
The book of Exodus in the Bible.  I am reading through the Bible in a year.  You can see how I'm doing with that here.

4. If you could buy one piece of technology/electronics what would it be and why - price is no object?

Right now it would definitely be a laptop.  Mine is in pieces on my desk as I try to fix it.  I'm not very optimistic about my success :(

5. Where do you do your best thinking?

In bed, especially in the morning.  I'm not one to jump right out of bed in anticipation of my day.  I spend at minimum 1/2 hour just lying there thinking.

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  1. I totally wish I could lie in bed, but my kids are my alarm clock!
    Thanks for playing along today at Acting Balanced and I hope you come back next week if Java is still on hiatus!

  2. Hi!
    In case you haven't read my Update I WILL be still hosting Meet Me On Monday so I will see you next week!!


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