Can you say CHOCOLATE!!

Two years ago I had the pleasure of making my own gum and gummies with kits from Glee Gum.  It was a great time and we really enjoyed the outcome.

When they contacted me to ask if I wanted to work with them again, I jumped at the chance. 

 This time I'm making CHOCOLATE!  

I love how the directions are aimed toward children.  Wonderful way to make them feel important.   Yet, they are reminded about safety as direction #1 says to be sure you have an adult with you as you have to work with heat.  

The second direction made me says:

Find all the parts of the MAKE YOUR OWN CHOCOLATE KIT
  • cocoa butter (it's yellowish and hard)
  • paper candy liners (they're paper)
  • starter crystals (medium ground particles)
  • cocoa powder (the most finely ground particles)  
  • confectioner's sugar (it's white)
  • temperature indicator (it's black) they even provide a thermometer
  • whole cocoa beans:  btw, you haven't tasted chocolate until you've eaten a cocoa bean
If you are helping your young child, they will be able to locate the item by description, yet also learn what it is.  I love that :)  The descriptions of what the item looks like is what made me chuckle.

The instructions are so simple to follow.  A child really could do it alone, minus the safety issue, of course.  

Here's my mixture:

There was a lot of finger licking going on in the kitchen today ;)

Waiting for thermometer to read 94 degrees

While waiting the directions suggest to break open the cocoa bean and take a taste!

As I stated above, you've not tasted chocolate until you've broken open a cocoa bean and eaten the bean itself.  VERY CHOCOLATE!  of course, without the sugar.  Probably the healthiest way to eat chocolate.

 I love almonds so I added almonds from Just Almonds and some almond butter to the centers.

I had enough chocolate left to  make 4 all chocolate ones.

Here's my finished product:

I know you will have a good time making these with your kids.  And who doesn't like chocolate or gummies or gum?  Well, I don't care for gummies, but out of the 3 choices I'm sure your family could choose one.

Glee Gum is offering a special right now.  You can buy all 3 kits at 30% off (final cost = $29.30).  That's like getting one kit FREE.  Gotta love that.  This would make great gifts!  Your kids will love you for it.  

Or if you are like me and have a New Year's Eve party, these kits would make wonderful activities to do with your guests.  Every year we offer a fun activity to do with the kids...a couple of years we did a pinata, a couple we make gingerbread houses, one year we had a scavenger hunt.  I wish I knew about these kits when my kids were younger.  

Now time for the giveaway.  Glee Gum is generously offering a kit of your choice to one winner.

Enter below:


  1. I like the make your own chocolate one too!

  2. hubby can never get enought chocolate...this would be a perfect gift! lol

  3. I'd for sure get the chocolate kit, too!

  4. The make your own chocolate kit looks awesome, I love chocolate!

  5. The chocolate kit - my kids would love to see chocolate being made from scratch!

  6. If I am lucky enough to win for my only neice and nephew, Jon and Jenah. I would want to let them choose which kit they'd like most even though I am sure they would love any of them! (I'd be able to get the answer super fast too).

  7. Would love the gummies one!

  8. Chocolate, although the kids like the gummies idea.

  9. Marie Frazier CzenkusDecember 12, 2012 at 8:25 AM

    definitely chocolate kit!

  10. Chocolate! (

  11. I love the chocolate kit.
    kathlynebrown at yahoo dot com

  12. I would definitely choose the chocolate kit. I'd love to do this with my niece and nephews! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I would choose the chocolate kit!!!

  14. I would choose the MAKE YOUR OWN CHOCOLATE KIT.

  15. I would love the chocolat, but my husband and daughter would love the gummi bear!

  16. I've played around trying to make my own chocolate before, I think next time I'd love to try it with a kit. I could use some tips!

  17. Oh, the chocolate kit, definitely!!

  18. It would be hard to not get the chocolate kit.

  19. I would totally get the chocolate kit!

  20. I have to say i choose the Chocolate over all others!

  21. Well, shoot. I missed the giveaway. This sounds really cool though. I'll have to save the source for a time we can get some to try!


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