Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A new project: Chenille blanket

I saw a picture of a chenille baby blanket and loved the look of it.  
So here is my first attempt:

This ideas combines my 2 favorite ideas about quilting....Rag quilting and EASY!!!!

I located a nicely written tutorial with lots of pictures at Aesthetic Nest.

It took me about 4 hours to do all the stitching.  Then a while to figure out how to use the new Ofla chenille cutter I purchased.  I can't imagine cutting without this nifty tool.

I like the finished product although I do wish that the red flannel was green, but because of my lack of choices for shopping all I could find for flannel was brown, off-white and red. 

Making another one is definitely in my future :) 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I've made a great discovery....

Some of you smarties probably already knew about this, but I just recently found out and I am AMAZED at how easy this is.

It is called a:


Now I could go all 'bloggy' on you and write out directions, post pictures and all that cuz tonight I hemmed 4 pair of jeans in under an hour...but I'm too lazy for that. 

Plus bellajeanboutique has already made a great how-to video...go ahead and take a look:

The only thing I did different than the video was I cut the extra fabric using pinking shears. Being petite, I usually have to hem up a few inches so there is a lot of bulk.

Is this new to you as it is to me?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cuddle up with softness from Day 7

As part of the CWA Review Crew
 I was chosen to receive this blanket to share with my granddaughter 
and give an unbiased review.

Day 7 is a company started by Myrna Harder who has worked as a designer in the textile industry for over 15 years.  Here's a little bit about her:

Through her career, her work has produced over 6 quilting titles, resulting in 100,000 copies of her books, she has produced thousands of yards of fabric for top design companies, and she has designed work for over 30 magazines, with 12.5 million copies in print. You will have seen her work on the covers of many top magazines on your local newsstands. However, as she worked, she felt the increased desire to share her faith in her designs, and a small idea started forming in the back of her mind. 2012 brought a decided change on the direction she wanted to create, and today we can introduce you to the first results of her new direction.

I love how her desire to share her faith even in her designs brought about this cute little quilt for children called "Whales Tale".  As you can see it has the verse Psalm 23:3, "He guides me along the right path"  What a great verse for any young child to be wrapped up in and even memorize to be reminded God is with them everyday.

The softness of this blanket is amazing.  When I gave it to my granddaughter my oldest daughter exclaimed:  "Wow, that is sooooo soft!".  She then commenced to enjoy a game of peek-a-boo.

It comes with a choice of 3 colors for the back:

100%plush polyester fabric, double sided blanket 
Original fabric design, featuring a verse from Psalm 23:3
 Large 28″ x 34″ size, to wrap around your little one 
Wash in cold water in the gentle cycle, tumble dry at low temperature 
Do not bleach, iron or dry clean 

This soft, cuddly and inspirational blanket can be purchased from Day 7 at their Etsy shop for $34.95.

*I received a complimentary Whales Tale blanket from Day 7 in exchange for  my honest review.