Monday, April 30, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge - Z

 MY Zekey-Boy

My favorite pic of him 
(he's going to KILL me if he sees this)

That little guy is now 18....

I am one proud mama :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A-Z Blogging challenge - Y


My favorite color.

I'm not sure why.

I wouldn't want a yellow car.

I don't like clothes that are yellow.

Nothing in my house is yellow.


these are yellow

 and I love them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Planet Flops review & giveaway

Everyone has a favorite shoe. 

It could be this:

or this:

or maybe even this:

in my opinion-
 nothing beats this:

Oh yea!!!  And why is this  my favorite shoe?  Cuz when it's flip-flop season it's SUMMER!  
The warmth.
The sunshine. 
The beach.

I used to think all flip-flops were the same until I had the chance to wear a pair from

Not only are they made from recyclable natural rubber, they are cushiony and comfy.   There isn't any of the rubbing between your toes that causes blisters or where the strap hits your foot and irritates.  Just comfort. 

Stylish they come in a variety of colors!

Don't take my word for can WIN your own pair by entering the giveaway below:

A-Z Blogging Challenge - W


My favorite time of year is when it is warm.  For where I live that is usually only the months of July and August.  August being the very warmest.

I've dreamed of spending July and August, maybe into September here and slowly make my way south to stay in warm weather all year long.   All I need is a camper and someone to go with me....any takers?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A - Z Blogging Challenge - V

Vegetarian wanna-be

I think I would have liked living in the Garden of Eden.  Not only because it was perfect there and Adam & Eve actually walked and talked with God, but also because they didn't eat meat.  I've never really been a big fan of meat, and that's not because I am an animal lover or anything.  I just don't like it much.

I've attempted a few times to convert over to being a vegetarian, but it doesn't last long as my family complains VERY loudly if there is not meat or if I substitute the meat for beans.  

As a compromise, we have a vegetarian meal a couple of times a week.  It has obviously become a habit as my hubby said to me today, "Meat again, didn't we just have that last night?"  

Maybe, just maybe I'll win him over.........

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A - Z Blogging Challenge - U


Being Undecided what word to Use for U,  I googled  U.
What I found are these Unusual words.
Maybe you will find them Useful :)

uakarishort-tailed, long-haired monkey
uberousyielding an abundance of milk; abounding
ubertyfruitfulness; abundant productiveness
ubicationcondition of being in a certain location
ubietylocation; state of being in a definite place
ubiquitarianismbelief that Christ is everywhere
ubityplace or locality
ucalegonneighbour whose house is on fire
udalform of land tenure in Orkney and Shetland islands
udometerinstrument for measuring rainfall
ufologystudy of alien spacecraft
ughtenmorning twilight
ukaseedict; proclamation by an autocratic government
ulatrophyatrophy of the gums
ulcusclea small ulcer
uleticof, like or pertaining to the gums
uliginousslimy; oozy; swampy; growing in swampy places
ullagequantity by which vessel is under full capacity
ullagonecry of lamentation; funeral lament
ulmaceousof or like elms
uloidlike a scar
ulosisformation of a scar
ulotrichoushaving woolly hair
ultimoof last month
ultimogenitureinheritance by the last son
ultionrevenge; vengeance
ultracrepidateto criticize beyond sphere of one's knowledge
ultradianof physiological cycles longer than an hour and shorter than a day
ultrafidiangoing beyond faith
ultrageousviolently extreme
ultraismholding extreme opinions on a subject
ultramarinedeep blue
ultramicroscopeinstrument for viewing extremely small objects
ultramontanesouth of the Alps; supporting the Pope
ultroneousspontaneous; voluntary
umbelmass of flowers springing from a single center
umbelliferousbearing umbels
umberbrownish red
umbilicalof, like or pertaining to the navel; related on the mother's side
umbiliciformshaped like a navel
umbocentral knob or boss of a shield
umbraculiformshaped like an umbrella
umbraculumumbrella or umbrella-like structure
umbrageshade; foliage; offence
umbraticshadowy; providing shade
umbratilousshadowy; shaded; indoor; secluded
umbriferousgiving or bearing shade
umbrilvisor on helmet to protect the eyes from light
umbroseshade-giving; dusky
unalistpriest holding one benefice
unaneledwithout extreme unction
unasinousbeing equally stupid
unberufenexclamation to avert ill luck following boasting
unbosomto pour out; to tell freely
uncialof, like or pertaining to an inch or an ounce
unciformshaped like a hook
unconsentaneousnot in agreement
unctionanointing as right of consecration or healing; warmth of address
unctuousslimy; oily; greasy; offensively suave and smug
undecennialhappening every eleven years
undeifyto deprive of the nature of a god
underbreathsubdued voice; rumour
underbridgebridge carrying a road or railway
undercroftcrypt or vault under a church
undernlight midday meal
underwitinferior wit; half-wit
undightto take off; to doff; to undo
undinefemale water spirit
undinismpsychological obsession with urine and urination
undulationismtheory that light consists of waves
uneathdifficult; distressing; hard; scarce
ungualof a claw, hoof, or talon; clawed
unguentaryof, like or pertaining to unguents; one who makes or sells unguents
unguiformshaped like a claw
unguinousoily; fatty
unguligradewalking on hoofs
unhouselednot having received the Eucharist shortly before death
unicityuniqueness; oneness
unifariousarranged in a single row or series
unifilarhaving only one thread or wire
unigeniturestate or fact of being the only begotten
unigenousof the same origin, kind or sort
uniparawoman having given birth only once
uniparousproducing only one offspring at birth
unipotentpowerful in one direction only
unisonousin unison or agreement
universalismbelief in universal salvation
univocalunmistakeable; unequivocal
univocalichaving only one vowel; written passage using only one vowel
univoltinehaving one brood a year
univorousliving on only one host or source of food
unreeveto withdraw a rope from an opening
unseelto unsew the eyes of
unsinewto take the strength from
unstercoratednot manured
untreasureto despoil
unwithdrawingliberal; lavish
upaithricroofless; open to the sky
upaspoisonous or harmful institution or influence
upbuildingdevelopment; edification
upcastupward throw; material thrown up
upherrough pole made of fir and used in scaffolding
upristrising; uprising
upspeakto begin to speak
upstayto sustain
uranicof the palate
uraniferousbearing uranium
uraniscusroof of the mouth
uranismmale homosexuality
uranographydescriptive astronomy and mapping
uranologystudy of the heavens; astronomy
uranomancydivination by studying the heavens
uranomaniaobsession with the idea of divinity
uranometrymeasurement of distances between heavenly bodies
uranophobiafear of heaven
uranoplastyplastic surgery on the hard palate
urbacityexcessive pride in one's city
urbanistexpert in urban planning
urbanologystudy of cities
urbarialfounded on a register of landed property
urbicidedestruction of a city
urbicolousdwelling in cities
urbiculturecultivation or development of urban life
urceiformshaped like a pitcher
urceolateshaped like a pitcher
urceussingle-handled jug or pitcher
urdépointed; having points
urdeeof a heraldic device, pointed or broken into parallel pointed projections
ureuse; custom
uredoburning feeling in the skin
urenologystudy of rust molds
urentburning; stinging
urethroscopeinstrument for viewing the interior of the urethra
ureticof, like or pertaining to urine
urimancydivination by observing urine
uriniferousbearing urine
urinometerinstrument for measuring specific gravity of urine
urkingdomtaxonomic group of organisms larger than a kingdom
urmanswampy pine forest
urogenousproducing or produced in urine
urolithsmall stone in the urinary tract
urologystudy of urine; urinary tract
uropoieticsecreting or excreting urine
uropygiumrump of a bird
urosthenichaving a tail designed for propulsion
ursalfur seal
ursicidekilling or killer of a bear
ursiformhaving the shape or appearance of a bear
ursineof, like or pertaining to bears
urtextearliest version of a text; original unmodified version
urticaceousof, like or pertaining to nettles
urticantstinging; irritating
urticateto sting; to flog with nettles
usageasterself-appointed and conservative language usage expert
usancehabit; custom
ushabtifigurine of deceased person placed in Egyptian tomb
usitativesignifying a usual act
ustionaction of burning or searing
ustulationburning; roasting
usucaptionacquisition of property by long usage and enjoyment
usufructthe right to use and enjoy something
uswardtoward us
utileprofitable; useful
utilitarianismbelief that utility of actions determines moral value
utinamearnest wish or desire
utraquistperson speaking two or both of two languages
utricideone who stabs an inflated skin vessel instead of killing someone
utriclesmall cavity or sac
utriculiformshaped like a small cavity or sac
utriformshaped like a leather bottle or flask
uvalairregular depression in a karst terrain
uvelloidresembling a small cluster of grapes
uvidmoist; wet
uxorialof, like or pertaining to a wife
uxoricidekilling of one's own wife
uxoriousexcessively fond of one's wife

Monday, April 23, 2012

Think Fun Review-Mini Mouth

Thinkfun is exactly what the name suggests....think while having fun!  This company offers many games that make learning fun!

I was able to review this  new game for 2012: 

Mini Mouth

The game is simple, yet has many educational uses.  Basically you lay out the tiles lettered A - Z face down.  One player chooses  2 - 5 tiles.  Flipping them over to reveal the letters, all players than try to say words that contain all those letters.  First one to do that, wins those tiles.  Play continues until all tiles are used.  The one with the most tiles at the ends wins!  Simple!

As a home educator I found this a great spelling tool. Just pick out letters that are in your child's spelling words.  See if he/she can 'see' their spelling word with only a few of the letters in that word.  Or even try it for vocabulary.  

This game includes a handy pull-string bag to hold the letters.  Easy to carry in your purse or diaper bag to pull out while waiting at the doctor's office, restaurant or even at a picnic.

Competition is always a great motivator for learning, don't you think?

Would you like to give it a try?  Sign up below to win your own Mini Mouth Game!

A-Z blogging challenge - T


What feelings does that word immediately bring to you?  





Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grapevine Resurrection Study

Grapevine products are not new to me.  I have used and reviewed them before. ( You can read previous reviews here and here.)

The idea behind these studies is to engage your students while you are teaching.  The student draws stick figures that represent the account being presented.  While the teacher brings the account to the student, she draws simple stick figures for the students to copy.  I am amazed at how these simple figures reinforce the account so that the students remember details!

Once again I was not disappointed when I used the Resurrection Study for all ages.  Another great resource from Grapevine.                                                                  This time I brought it into a Kid's Club setting.  I have a group of 5 boys....yup, FIVE boys!   Although the account of the resurrection is familiar to those growing up with it, using the Grapevine stick figures was a new and fun way to share the glorious resurrection!  For someone who is not so familiar with it, this study walks with Jesus from the Last Supper to the Ascension.  A great overview of this part of Jesus' life.

These boys had a blast with it.  Laughing, drawing, and sharing their pictures.  Sometimes I would wonder if they were remembering anything.  Then the following week I would ask the provided questions and they would quickly yell out the answers.  

Right now Grapevine is having a sale on ALL their e-books.  The selection is HUGE, I'm sure you will find something that you can use.  

Be sure to check it out....I can say you will NOT be disappointed!

A-Z blogging challenge...S


The 'little' bundle of joy 
that began my journey of motherhood
(she weighed 9.7 at birth)

This little bundle turned 25 last week.

Where, oh, where did the time GO? 

Friday, April 20, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge...R


When I saw a bunch of these little beauties on my lawn last week I KNEW that Spring had finally really arrived.

I look forward to seeing the Robin's return after a long cold winter.  I only wish I could go where they go every winter :)

From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado Bishop Review

Yes, it was the name Lucado that first drew me to this book.  If you know me, you know that I love Max Lucado, father of Jenna.  Jenna does have a different writing style from her father, which I expected.  Jenna's writing is like sitting down with a friend and having a conversation.  Very easy to read and understand.

The content of this book is something all 'old' believers should read not just teen girls.  Admittedly, we all get in a "same-ole, same-ole" rut.  Our faith no  longer fascinates us.  The cross of Christ becomes just a symbol wore around our neck.  It gets old.  Which is a very sad fact.  Remembering Jesus and his sacrifice for us should NEVER get boring, but it does....that's the reality.

Jenna takes what a teen girl is feeling and gets it out there, reveals what most won't say.  Then she shakes you up a bit and shows you how to get beyond the doldrums and back into a love for God that motivates you with very practical ideas.

Each chapter ends with thought provoking questions that get right to the core of your heart.  There are suggested prayers to get your focus back to where it should be.

I would suggest that you get this book, read it and let it reignite that fire within you!

*I received this book from BookSneeze blogging program for free in exchange for my honest review.

A-Z blogging challenge...Q


Being fairly new to quilting I haven't made very many quilts.  I have found that I enjoy most of it.    Putting the top together is fun to watch as it comes together, but the hand quilting is just yuck!

I am currently working on a Bargello quilt called "Surf Song" for my daughter as a wedding gift.  

This is a pic of what it will look like when finished.
It is challenging, but beautiful.

Here are a few of the ones I've done:
black & white

Baby rag 

Remembrance made from  my dad's shirts
for  my mom

I call this one 'Stained Glass'

Baby coins

My first rag quilt
fabric I bought while on family vacation

I Spy

Family quilt I made for my daughter
for a wedding gift 2 years ago.
Read about the making of this one here

This is a fun and rewarding hobby.  My favorite ones are rag quilts and baby quilts because they are both very easy and quick to complete.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge...P


A-Z blogging challenge...O



I wish I would have moved onto level 3 long ago.  My daughter told  me it wasn't as difficult as Level 2, (even though it is supposed to be), and I agree!


Monday, April 16, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge...N

This is one product that I would NEVER open if I had the choice!  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge...M

Second blessing to our home....
daughter and friend

My all-time favorite picture :)

Graduation '06

With her handsome hubby :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge...L


Those who know me well are probably laughing at my title....all I can say is he MUST be the 'love of my life' cuz on May 29th this year we will be celebrating 30 years together. 

That's 3/5th of my he's earned the title ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A-Z blogging challenge...K


This was my dilemma a month ago.  I wasn't sure which on I should buy. 

Here's a side by side detail list:

Yea, so?  This only tells me the techy stuff.  What about how I will USE it?

Today I came across this quote from

"If your intentions are purely casual, like light Web browsing, email, and Angry Birds, then the Kindle Fire will likely suffice. But if you want your tablet to replace your laptop, or at least come close, the iPad is more powerful, feature rich, and offers a superior, tablet-optimized app selection."

I love my iPad, BUT I fall into the 'casual, light Web browsing, email, Angry Birds' category more than the latter.  

Kind of wished I would have read their comparison BEFORE I forked over $500.00.....

Oh well, iPad DOES have a Kindle app :)